Merry Makers

 The Merry Makers is a group that was formed at trinity to promote fellowship among the congregation events that are hosted by the merry makers include Iowa Cubs Outing, fall barn dance, New member welcome/confirmation celebration in the spring, brunch’s after mission speakers. We are always looking for ideas for new events,
so be sure to let us know if you have any!

Men's Club

 A group for the men of the congregation, the men’s club meets the first Wednesday of each month with Pastor for a time of bible study and fellowship. The men’s club also hosts the Easter breakfast every year.

Mary & Martha

All Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations have a branch of Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) - at Trinity, Van Meter it is Mary & Martha.  Mary & Martha in part raises money for mission projects through Mites - We each have a mite box into which we drop our "spare change" or "found money" and bring it to our monthly meetings.  Together with money collected from all other LWML branches, we have funded orphanages, seminary buildings, small planes for missionaries, social centers and shelters for the homeless or struggling single mothers and a variety of other projects.  A few times a year, we give the opportunity to contribute to mites to the rest of the congregation when we place a large mite box in the Narthex on the 5th Sunday of the month.  Mary & Martha on its own has supported the following the last couple of years: Lutheran Family Services, Trinity Missions, IDW Missions, Crisis Intervention Advocacy, Member in Need, Perry Lutheran Home and a Spanish Ministry.  The Mary & Martha group is involved in serving our congregation in a variety of ways: we collect food and take it to local food banks, we send cards to church members who are sick or suffering a loss, we stock the kitchen with supplies, and also involved in providing funeral lunches.  The quilters are a branch of Mary & Martha  and have provided many quilts to the Agape Center, Lutheran World Relief, congregation members, and the Okoboji Quilt Auction.  So you see, we are very active in congregational life.  We Serve the Lord with Gladness.  All women are encouraged to join us on the first Tuesday of every month from April to December.

Bell Choir

Service Opportunities Group